LUBBOCK, Texas — During the 4th of July holiday is when EMS and emergency rooms see the most injuries.

Fireworks are fun but also dangerous.

Chad Curry, training chief with UMC EMS, said 4th of July is one of the holidays throughout the year that results in the most injuries.

“70% of the injuries per the CDC happened within about a seven day period, about three days before, four days after … somewhere in that neighborhood. So unfortunately, we do see a lot of accidents.”

Curry also said of the CDC numbers, there has been a 25% increase over the last few years, mainly in children between the ages of 10 and 14.

Males are three times as likely to get injured than females are.

“We don’t think about sparklers, but sparklers are very dangerous. and we see a lot of kids brought to the emergency room,” Curry said.

Fireworks have caused a lot of hand and facial burns, the main culprits are sparklers and artillery shells.

“Sometimes those may not go off, people go over to take a look. and they end up having a facial injury, or some type of an arm injury, leg injury, hand injuries … it can be any firecracker,” Curry said.

Dr. Christopher Piel, Medical Director of Emergency Center at UMC, agreed that this is a time where more injuries are seen.

“People may put their guard down, those fireworks may go in a direction no one expected and all of a sudden someone ends up with a burn. We do have some injuries from people that light fireworks, you should never light a firework and hold it. If it explodes, you’re going to injure yourself,” Peil said.

Overall, Curry and Dr. Piel both just want everyone to have a good time while also staying safe because they don’t want to see anyone with a hand or facial burn injury.