LUBBOCK, Texas – Six former Lubbock Walmart employees filed a lawsuit Monday against the company for claims of racial discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

All six plaintiffs in the case are African American and claimed that they experienced harassment and discrimination from their white and Hispanic coworkers and managers, the lawsuit said.

Tykulia Moore was hired by Walmart in 2017 as a stocker and claimed she faced unfair treatment from managers and other employees.

One employee would constantly and regularly use the “n” word, according to the lawsuit. Moore brought the issue to managers several times and they shrugged it off, the lawsuit said. One employee, who was later promoted to human resources, heard the employee using the slur and did nothing to stop it.

The lawsuit said the white and hispanic workers were picked first to leave early and not asked to do undesirable tasks. Moore left her shift approximately 15 minutes early one day because her daughter had a high fever at school. She was then terminated for job abandonment.

Another plaintiff, Mackenzie Moore, noticed that discipline for the employees was different according to race, said the lawsuit.

A white coworker of Moore’s called him the “n” word and was not punished, according to the lawsuit. Moore reported discrimination and harassment in the workplace to managers and to the corporate office. Instead of the company taking action, Moore was fired in June of 2020 in retaliation for his opposition, and reporting of harassment and discrimination, the lawsuit said.

Trashanda Williams was a stocker at Walmart and said that African American employees were not allowed the same privileges as other employees. The lawsuit said the white and Hispanic supervisors would exclude African American employees from group meetings where they gave out daily instructions. The African American employees were forced to stand separately and wait to get instructions from the white and Hispanic coworkers, the lawsuit said.

Vigillyn Moore, a Sam’s Club employee and Williams, a Walmart employee, observed less qualified and experienced white and hispanic employees were promoted before them. Management refused to promote experienced African American employees, according to the lawsuit.

Virgillyn Moore and others were given less desirable shifts and job positions. When Moore reported discrimination and workplace harassment, management tore up her complaint in front of others instead of assisting her, the lawsuit said. The discrimination and harassment continued and even increased after her complaint. Moore’s hours were eventually cut and she was effectively terminated.

Walmart employees Shante Jimison and Sharonda Lee experienced racial segregation while working at the store, the lawsuit said. White and Hispanic employees were assigned duties at the front of the store, while African American employees were assigned duties at the back of the store, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit does not say specifically how much the former employees want. They want money to cover their lost wages, attorney fees and court costs. Walmart has not yet given its side of the story in court records.

The lawsuit did not specifically state which Walmart the employees worked at.