LUBBOCK, Texas – On Monday, Lubbock County’s game room regulation proposal was tabled by the Commissioners Court 5-0. The proposal is set to be voted on in September.

Commissioner Jason Corley proposed the regulation to the Lubbock County Commissioners Court.

Sheriff Kelly Rowe spoke on behalf of the sheriff’s office stating, “We are not prepared to participate in the enforcement actions on it at this time.” Rowe stated that they wanted “additional time to try to evaluate.”

The proposal will need to include a budget to concur with the proposal. The budget was asked to include the expected cost of personnel to enforce and prosecute for regulations.

Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish asked for the expected cost. Parrish explained there will need to be “A position of Lubbock county game room permit administrator.”

He also said there would be a cost to “require the sheriff’s office to conduct inspections of proposed game rooms.”

On Friday, the Lubbock County Commissioners Court put the item of regulation on the use of game rooms. The purpose of regulating the use of game rooms was to reduce crime in residential areas.

The purpose of regulating the use of game rooms was to reduce crime in residential areas. Corley said there had been complaints of drug use, prostitution and other crimes.

Some regulations that will be voted on, according to the ordinance, will be reduced hours for game room operations and the location of game rooms. The owner of the residence can be charged a $10,000 penalty for each violation.

If approved in September, the regulation would be in effect in January of 2024.

Later in the day, after a shooting at a game room, Commissioner Jason Corley issued a statement.

For Immediate release,

The events of today’s shooting at a local game room are and unfortunate reminder of the need for regulation and oversite by law enforcement in the gaming industry in Lubbock County. It is a sad irony that this tragic event happened little more than four hours after the Lubbock County Commissioner’s court tabled a motion to enact an ordinance to regulate game rooms in Lubbock County. The motion was tabled until September at the request of representatives of the Sheriff’s and District Attorneys’ offices. The events of today necessitate the need for action sooner rather than later. I will be adding this agenda item back to the Lubbock County Commissioners Court agenda for the March 21 regularly scheduled meeting at 10:00. For those who are able please be present before 10:00 if you wish to speak during public comment. For all those not able to be present the Commissioners Court is Live Streamed on the Lubbock County Website for you to view remotely.

Our prayers are with those who were injured.

Jason Corley Lubbock County Commissioner PCT 2