LUBBOCK, Texas — Holidays after losing a loved one can be really difficult, health officials told KLBK News on Tuesday, and there are healthy ways to navigate the grief.

“When somebody dies that we’re really close with, it feels like a part of us died with them, but finding meaning I think helps us realize that a part of them still lives within us,” said Sydney Crane, Bereavement Counselor with Hospice of Lubbock.

Crane said it’s important to be intentional about grieving over the holidays.

“Grief is the price we pay for love and so, we can talk about our loved one and honor and remember them and if that comes with tears and sadness, that’s okay. That’s part of the human experience,” Crane added.

Dr. Kelly Klein with Texas Tech Physicians said she believes it’s also important to maintain traditions in the face of grief.

“Try to avoid that temptation just to cancel the holiday, or at Christmas time, for example, not to put up the tree this year because the loved ones passed away. I think it’s important to go ahead and keep those traditions intact in honor of that loved one,” Dr. Klein recommended.

There are many ways to remember a loved one, they both shared.

“It can be really helpful to be intentional with the day and so, planning to honor or remember a loved one, whether it’s making an ornament of some sort or having an extra chair at the table, baking a special dish that your loved one might have liked,” Crane began.

Dr. Klein offered other ideas: “Maybe lighting a candle in honor of our loved one, or getting a special table setting, an actual bouquet of flowers in honor of our loved one; sharing a moment of silence.”