HOBBS, New Mexico – On Monday Regina Castillo was arrested in Hobbs after stealing a vehicle with two children inside, according to police.

According to Hobbs PD, the victim of the stolen vehicle said she parked her car in front of a store at 3709 North Dal Paso Street and went inside.

When the victim returned, Castillo pushed her out of the way and entered the vehicle, police said.

Hobbs PD said officers pursued the vehicle immediately after locating it at the intersection of Del Paso Street and Bender Boulevard.

Castillo abandoned the 6-year-old at a nearby intersection before the pursuit began, according to Hobbs PD.

During the chase, Castillo left the vehicle ran on foot. Police were able to locate Castillo behind a pickup in a nearby neighborhood and arrest her. She was taken to Hobbs City Jail.

After being treated by EMS, the children were safely reunited with their mother, Hobbs PD said.

Castillo’s arraignment court hearing was set for Tuesday.

Castillo already had active warrants for failure to appear on the charges such as concealing identity and shoplifting.