LUBBOCK, Texas– With Dove Hunting Season starting on Thursday, Sept. 1, Lubbock Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said on Monday that there are several ways hunters should prepare.

“September 1st is a big day around Texas, and in our area, it’s going to kick off hunting season, particularly dove hunting season,” said Lieutenant Aaron Sims, Game Warden for Lubbock Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

So, if you live far out in the county, you could possibly hear shotgun blasts in the early morning hours.

“You’ll have 30 minutes prior to sunrise, which changes every day by a couple minutes up to sunset. You cannot hunt past sunset with migratory game birds,” said Lt. Sims.

TPWD said you do not need to be an expert on hunting laws in the field if you have your phone.

“Outdoor Annual app- it’s a great app and the My Hunt Texas Harvest app,” Lt. Sims said. “You can purchase your hunting license through these apps, and once it’s downloaded, it’ll actually put your hunting license on there- your hunting license number.”

Another cool feature about the app, Lt. Sims shared, is that it doesn’t need data to function, since most hunting zones are far in the county and don’t have stable internet connections.

Additionally, hunters must renew their hunting licenses which are set to expire on Aug. 31 each year.

Lt. Sims encouraged anyone going out to hunt to know their safe zones, wear protective gear on their legs, eyes and ears, and watch out for rattlesnakes.

Another note from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation: There are roughly 150,000 abandoned and deteriorating water wells statewide. If you are out hunting and stumble across any, please contact their department. 

Any illegal hunting can be reported to the Operation Game Thief or your local game warden.