WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — We all know that we are living in a time of inflation and that many of us are in need of a summer break.

But how exactly do we do that without breaking our banks?

Every year, costs for travel expenses soar through the summer months of June through August.

With the state of the economy thrown into the mix, it almost makes summer travel feel impossible for many.

Bambi Eskew with Allen Samuels House of Travel says that despite the inflated economy, people are ready to explore and experience again.

“People are anxious to travel after being in the Covid situations the last few years, things are starting to be more open for them. They’re ready to get out. They’re ready to experience things. Yes, the economy has hurt a few things because prices are definitely up in some areas, but there’s still some great deals to be had,” says General Manager Eskew.

Bambi also advises for people to be ready to travel.

Have ideas about what you want from your experience: how long you want to be gone, making a budget, and figuring out who’s all going.

But the biggest piece of information she advises,

“Plan in advance. The further in advance that you can plan, the better opportunity you’re going to have for getting the deals, the dates you want,” says Eskew.

She continues, “Finding things that are going to fit your budget. And for us to be able to help you to research all the different things that you may need if you haven’t got your passports. I would certainly do that now.”

And for those who have debt fears, there are multiple options for you.

From saving in advance, to making payments, or reaching out to your local travel agencies to assist you in finding what works best for you.