Killeen community showing support to fire chief’s family


KILLEEN, Texas -On August 19, Killeen Fire Chief James Kubinski received a call no parent ever wants to hear – “Your child has been involved in an accident.”

“He was vocal, and I was able to talk to him during that. And his comment to me is, ‘My hands are burned off,’” Chief Kubinski says.

23-year-old Drew Kubinski was on his way back home from Nashville, where he was in an accident that left his car in flames.

“A little bit scary, because they said they’re taking him into the into the washing station that’s in the air to wash off any chemicals from the burns,” says Chief Kubinski.

Drew suffered second and third-degree burns to more than 25 percent of his body.

“That is months long, if not years long, in ways of therapy – to get back to somewhat close to normal usage of hands,” says Chief Kubinski.

Chief Kubinski has been part of the Killeen community since February of this year – and seeing the support his family has received has left him without words.

“They, really everybody, has made me feel like, you know, a brother, a sister, a family member by all means,” says Chief Kubinski.

Since the accident, Drew has been out of work. The Kubinksi family set up a GoFundMe page for Drew.

“Our goal is to be able to try to set him up for as much success as possible once he is able to get back to work, so that he is not bankrupt in anything,” says Chief Kubinski.

Drew still has a long journey of treatment, but Chief Kubinksi is optimistic about his recovery.

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