LUBBOCK, Texas— A Texas man was set to face a grand jury to determine whether he shot and killed a robber out of self-defense. Police in Houston said the unidentified man shot the robber who attempted to take customers wallets and money from the restaurant. 

Lubbock Attorney Kevin Glasheen said exercising your right to bear arms is fine at appropriate times and only if necessary.

“Don’t pull out a gun unless you feel like you need to use it, and then if you do need to use the gun because somebody is really threatening you or others’ lives, you’re confident that it’s the right thing to do, then you can use that gun to use deadly force,” Glasheen said. 

According to newly passed laws, Texas allows permitless carry, but still has restrictions on where to carry.

“Texas changed our concealed carry law, and you no longer need a permit to carry a gun, you can still do so,” Glasheen said. “You just can’t bring it into certain places that primarily serve alcohol, but if you’re in a restaurant, you have your gun, that’s legal.”

Glasheen also discussed other places you are protected in using your firearm, citing the castle doctrine and defending your home and car in case you are threatened.

“If somebody’s breaking into your house, you can use deadly force and Texas has extended the castle doctrine to your car,” Glasheen said. “If somebody is attacking you when you’re in your car and you have your gun with you, you’re allowed to use deadly force, reasonable if you reasonably believe that it’s necessary to protect yourself.”

Tom Larson, owner of Lone Star Shooting Sports, said as someone who sells guns, he wants those who carry to do the proper research.

 “I just really highly encourage somebody who is an unlicensed carrier to look up online, attend a class, figure out what the laws of the state of Texas are, when and when you can’t use the use of force, [and] when you can’t use deadly force. ” Larson said. 

Larson said he wants people to carry responsibly, whether they are licensed or unlicensed.

“Too many people just pick up a gun and start carrying,” Larson said. “I’m very good with unlicensed carry, except you do have an obligation to figure out the laws of the state of Texas and when and when you can’t use that firearm where you can carry and where you can’t carry.”