LUBBOCK, Texas– For the first time in its history, all five presidents and the chancellor of the Texas Tech University System took the stage at the Overton Hotel on Thursday to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities facing the institutions.

“We’ve got a system that has 63,000 students [and] 20,000 employees, that is providing the healthcare and general workforce, not just for West Texas, but for the entire state and actually far beyond that,” said Chancellor of Texas Tech University Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D. “So, we’re literally- which is a wonderful thing- creating the economic leaders, business leaders, healthcare leaders of tomorrow, all from I-35 west, right here,”

TTU President Dr. Lawrence Schovanec said the university is focused on bolstering opportunities for minority students and those from underserved communities.

“This year, 30% of our freshman class is first gen. Last year, we gave out more than $200 million dollars in scholarship. We’ve reduced our debt significantly in the last few years,” President Schovanec said. “That’s so important for underrepresented students and first gen, but all students have an issue with cost and those are things that we work on every day.”

Texas Tech Health Sciences Center said it’s focusing on access to care, while serving more than 100 counties and leading the nation in telehealth.

“Texas Tech Health Sciences Center has had a year of unprecedented recognition at both the national and state level for what we do. We provide about 22 percent of all the health care providers for the entire state of Texas, and that’s really an accomplishment of all of our partnerships with our eight hospitals across West Texas.”