LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department released their 2021 racial profiling report to show the data in traffic stops.

The report breaks down demographically who has been pulled over and out of about 39,000 drivers pulled over in 2021, LPD said the race of only 1,100 of those drivers were known beforehand.

“If there’s another call for service that is happening, and somebody gives a description, we see that car leaving, [or] we know the person that’s driving it, we make that stop,” said Nathan White, Assistant Chief at LPD. “That would be an instance where we would know the race of the person before we made the stop.”

LPD said the numbers are similar from 2020 to 2021.

“That’s because 2020 was a COVID year,” White said. “So, like everything else in the world, it affected policing as well. We weren’t making as many citizen contacts, we weren’t making as many traffic stops simply as in an effort to not spread COVID.”

According to the U.S. Census:

  • White people make up 76% of Lubbock’s population and 47% of traffic stops.
  • Hispanic people make up 36% of Lubbock’s population and 36% of traffic stops.
  • Black people make up 8% of Lubbock’s population and 15% of traffic stops.
  • Asian and Indigenous peoples make up 3.5% of Lubbock’s population and 1.3% of traffic stops.

If you’d like to take a look at the 2021 racial profiling report you can click here.