Lubbock family could win up to $30,000, getting infant adoption fully funded


LUBBOCK, Texas — Last Tuesday, a Lubbock family received notification that they could get their infant adoption fully funded, but they can’t win without the community’s help.

The #AdoptWithFTN Campaign is hosted annually during National Adoption Month. Families in the top 10 can receive up to $30,000 in financial assistance for their adoption. To win, they must sell the most t-shirts, with each item sold counting as a vote.

Britney and Joe Looney want to win the contest, but not because they need all the money.

“The reason I want to win is because I know we don’t need very much,” Britney Looney said.

One of the qualifications for finalists is that families must have already started fundraising.

“We have fundraised about $40,000, which is huge,” said Looney. She and her husband held a silent auction, offered raffles for photoshoots, and received many donations from the community.

If they won, the family would use some of the financial assistance, but most of it would go to the other finalists, as the Looney’s have much of what they need.

“I want to win so that there’s more to trickle down because if someone wins first place that needs [the whole] $30,000, that’s a lot less to go around to other families,” Britney said, adding, “I want to win because I want to see more families have the funds to bring home their babies.”

The Looney’s had two children and recently three miscarriages. They wanted more children and knew adoption was the route to go.

They started the process in February and were approved to adopt a few months later. However, the cost of domestic infant adoption in the United States is upward of $45,000, according to

“We don’t have the kind of money sitting in our bank account that is needed to adopt a baby. We don’t have it,” said Britney Looney, who is a doula and photographer.

One donation totaled $10,000, which was a huge blessing, the Britney said.

“You have to be so careful in discussing the cost because it’s not like we’re buying a baby, but it could very easily, if you don’t understand what is going into it, it can look like that,” she added.

The cost boils down to legal, agency, travel, home study and post-placement fees, among other expenses, like supporting the birth mothers and making sure they have everything they need during and after the pregnancy.

Adoption costs vary widely. According to the Children’s Home of Lubbock, the Texas Foster Care System makes adoptions relatively affordable, ranging from $1500-2000, but that’s not the route for everyone.

Click to vote for or donate to the Looney family. The voting window closes Monday at 11:59 p.m.

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