Lubbock, Texas – The Arguello family are planning to hold a free Fourth of July barbeque for the homeless and those in need on July 4th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Overton Park. Dominic Arguello told the details. 

Arguello said the Fourth of July event will have hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks and desserts free of charge for anyone who is in need. He said this event is not exclusive to the homeless. People who are struggling to receive benefits or in need of a free activity for their family are welcome to attend. 

Arguello and his family have been organizing events to give back to the homeless and those in need in Lubbock for years, he said. During these summer months, Arguello realized that everyone gets to go swimming, cook out and enjoy life while others in our community are struggling. He said, “God put it in [his] heart” to hold these events and hopes to hold an event every month this summer. These events put “unity back in community,” he said.

At the last event earlier in June, Arguello said they fed over 600 people. As Arguello and his family hold these events, there is a bigger turnout and more people want to help. He said a barber came and gave free haircuts at the last event, a business donated phones and one person donated over 200 pounds of dog food. Arguello said he has even been asked to baptize people, which he said he would do for some at the July event. 

Arguello holds these events to “turn the tables in our community.” He said that he “sees how people leave” his events, it “takes them from hopeless to hopeful.” The people who come to these events have “powerful stories” Arguello said he aims “to be a place of hope” for them. Arguello said “everything [he] does is because god puts it in his heart.” 

Arguello hopes to hold a back to school drive and barbeque in August. He said that he is “open to any donation.” Anyone is welcome to donate money, goods or services. Arguello accepts donations via Venmo, he said “even if you donate $1 or $1 million, it will all go to a good cause.”