LUBBOCK, Texas- Holidays are all fun and games until sparks fly, which is why on Wednesday, Lubbock Fire Rescue offered several tips for keeping families safe around the holidays.

There are lots of problems that could arise, officials told KLBK News, like trees catching fire or too much energy pulling from a single power source. They emphasized the importance of prevention.

“If you have a fire going and if something pops, embers are going out, or just heat too close, that could catch a fire right there where you just stockpiled a whole bunch of combustibles,” said Captain Phillip Grandon with Lubbock Fire Rescue. “And keep your space heaters at least three to four feet back from your decorations.”

If you use a real Christmas tree, “make sure it has water every day. Don’t let them get dry, because if they do get dry, they have a tendency to violently combust,” Grandon shared.

LFR recommended unplugging the tree lights when people aren’t around and minimize the decorations plugged into extension cords.

“Make sure that all of the wires that you’re using are not frayed. Make sure that you have plug covers so that you know you’re not causing any sort of an incident on that front,” said Matt Rose, Spokesperson for Lubbock Power & Light. “Make sure that you are not taking exposed wiring or connectors and putting them underneath pieces of furniture or say rugs.”

Not all bulbs are created equally, LP&L added.

“One of the benefits you get by moving to LED lights inside of your home is not only do they use less electricity, they also do not produce as much heat,” Rose said, which will allow families to stay safe and save money.

You can learn more about ways to stay safe while reducing energy consumption from holiday decorations here.