LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock ISD held its training exercise preview on Thursday. Different partners assisting in the training spoke about the importrance this will be in case of an active shooter scenario.

Lubbock ISD, Law Enforcement and First Responders are prepared to apply their training in case of an active shooter in a real-life scenario in our local schools.

“Anybody on our campuses has the ability and are empowered to lock down the school to create a secure in place to hold put a hold on the school. And these are practice throughout the year.” Chief Ray Mendoza, Lubbock ISD Police Department, said.

These trainings happen once every three years and ensure that all departments are on the same page and will know what to do to keep children safe.

“It allows for each organization to identify gaps and areas of improvement that need to be addressed.” Chief Floyd Mitchell, Lubbock Police Department, said.

“This is just one full scale opportunity for us to protect our citizens in our schools in those worst case scenarios.” Mayor Tray Payne, City of Lubbock, said.

Officials say their main goal is family reunification, with the help of many law officials for this exercise will require a real life set up.

“Lots and lots of law officials, lots of cars, lots of activity, you will also see a secure perimeter. And we will have barricades and things like that up as well.” Stacy Carter, Director of school security and security for LISD, said.

They ask that you not be alarmed by the high volume-activity that will take place Monday, June 6, at Monteray High School. A reminder that some streets may be blocked off as the Full-Scale Training Exercise takes place.