LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Police Department SWAT team placed first place while at the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association SWAT competition in Roundrock, Texas from October 4 through 8. A social media post from LPD celebrated the team’s win.

Charles Holt, a LPD property crimes detective said 36 agencies nationwide competed against LPD in Roundrock. Kolton Pirkle a special operations officer and SWAT team member said there were eight events in the competition, one being an obstacle course. Pirkle added the team was judged on their overall time.

Pirkle said the LPD SWAT team earned a spot to compete in the Florida SWAT roundup international.

Communication is a big part of the competition, said Holt. “Its a great teambuilding thing,” said Lieutenant Jasper Koenig, LPD SWAT Commander. “It’s really fun it’s really stressful, but a big benefit for the people involved.”

Koenig has been with the SWAT team since 2009. Koenig said the team has been competing since 2012 and was able to make it to the podium for the first time in 2017. Although the LPD SWAT team was really happy with second place, Koenig said the team knew it wasn’t the best it could be yet.

Earning first place was a really proud moment for the team, Koenig said. The LPD SWAT team has received messages from citizens who take pride in the Lubbock SWAT team. Koenig said he “can’t thank people enough for being supportive, it has made the team better overall.”