LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Police Department found their online reporting system for fireworks calls a success.

The new online reporting system is called coplogic and was to help 911 and the non-emergency lines from being crowded with firework calls.

“If those calls or reports can be made online, simply rather than calling dispatch or having to have someone actually speak on the phone, then we can open up those phones and keep them open for more emergency type calls.” Leath McClure, Captain with the Lubbock Police Department, said.

LPD opened the site of reporting firework calls on June 24th and numbers showed that in a 12-day period, 1,290 reports were made.

“747 through dispatch, 543 through coplogic.” Captain McClure said.

When someone makes an online report, LPD wants everyone to know that the information still gets sent to dispatch and the officers on the street.

They plan on keeping this system and look forward to expanding it.

“So citizens are able to follow their reports or get in contact with police department faster than waiting on officers sometimes, depending on how busy they are the call loads sometimes they have to wait minor traffic accidents, they may wait for a while.” Captain McClure said.

Lubbockites have expressed on social media and to that the online system was down and LPD clarifed to that the coplogic site to report fireworks was never down and it was the cities website that was down.