LUBBOCK, Texas — The Farm, Orchard, GRUB program with the South Plains Food Bank helps teens learn different skill sets that can be used all throughout life.

The GRUB program has been helping the South Plains for over 20 years to help teens ages 14-17 with life skills. The program includes more than just harvesting and growing in the fields.

“We also [have] nutrition classes, where we teach them how to cook healthy,” Isaac Rodriguez, Director of Farm, Orchard, GRUB, said. “Kind of give them those skills that they might need later in life.”

The program is run by volunteers of all ages and in the summer they hire about 20 young adults to earn a salary and get a feel of what life is like.

“They can be more successful in life, If we teach them the things,” Rodriguez said, “the small things now, they’ll have a leg up later on.”

The help on the farm is year-round.

“We’ll start working every Saturday, and those will be volunteer Saturdays. So people that are interested in being part of that program can come out and start volunteering, kind of get a feel for the place.” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he believes it is ironic to see the kids go in and out of the program, as they may think they are just growing vegetables, but they are also growing themselves.

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