LUBBOCK, Texas — Out of hundreds of small businesses preparing for the holiday season in Lubbock, spoke with a business that just started their trade in 2022.

Zap + Soul experiences their first “Small Business Saturday” in 2022.

“We wanted to start the small business. And then here we are. Never did I think we would be running our own business, or we would be here.” Patrick Valdez, Co-Owner of Zap + Soul, said.

The business started off by doing pop’s all around the South Plains until getting their store front. With Small Business Saturday, they were excited to welcome everyone into their store.

In preparation they started posting more on social media.

“…That way, we can get the word out to draw people in and everything.” Valdez said.

Valdez said the Hub City has been a backbone to the business.

“I feel like Lubbock really does a good job of getting behind us and everything for sure. With local sometimes you’ll have to pay a little bit more here and there but you’re supporting a family,” Valdez, said.

If you can’t visit your favorite local places on Small Business Saturday, Valdez said shares and follows on social media go a long way.

“In today’s digital age, it’s all about followers and it’s all about content and everything so any kind of follow shout out that anybody can give to us it definitely goes a long way for sure.” Valdez, said.

You can support Zap + Soul by visitng them in store or visting their website.