LUBBOCK, Texas – While the McBride fire sweeps across Ruidoso, cabin owners in Lubbock show concern for their properties.

Lindley Herring said praying the fire does not cross the main road is the only thing she can do from so far away.

“We’re just boldly praying that it doesn’t cross the street that these firefighters can get sort of a border around it to stop further spread. But I know that’s easier said than done. It’s something that has always been a risk in Ruidoso,” Herring said.

However, it was never a con on her and her husband’s list when deciding to buy a vacation home in Lincoln County.

“We love Ruidoso so much. We never found that to be a negative on our pros and cons list. And I just hope that it’s salvaged and saved because it’s a great community,” Herring said.

When driving around Ruidoso, Texas license plates may be more noticeable than New Mexico license plates. That’s because, around the Lubbock area, Ruidoso is the closest location to get a taste of the mountain life.

Kerry Gladden, the public information officer for the Village of Ruidoso, said Texans play a huge role in Ruidoso’s overall economy.

With it being Easter weekend, plans had to change for some wanting to visit the mountains. For Herring’s family, staying in Lubbock with family was the best option.

In the coming weeks, we hope to get out there and check on things and see what we can do to help. We feel very helpless here, obviously,” Herring said.

Gladden said with a fire of this magnitude, it’s difficult to put it out in hours or days. But she was hopeful for the summer tourism season and that the fire won’t have much effect there.

For those in Ruidoso, she said now it’s about switching gears from fighting the fire, to now helping those affected. This morning, the type one incident team took over to give those who had been fighting the fire for about 36 continuous hours a much-needed break.

Ruidoso has opened the convention center to those who have lost everything, along with local hotels that have opened rooms.

To check the status of a structure in Ruidoso, call the emergency operation center at 575-258-6900.