Lubbock woman making, selling feral cat shelters ahead of winter


LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock woman announced in a Facebook post last week that she was making feral cat shelters ahead of the winter season and offered to make some for others too.

Candice Light, a stay-at-home mother and business owner, said she lives in a neighborhood with a lot of stray cats. Last year, she made four shelters for her yard and felt surprised by the results.

“I did have a cat have kittens in it, which was super sweet,” Light shared. She thought to herself, ‘Wow, if a cat is willing to give birth in one of these just to stay warm and out of the elements, more cats could benefit from it.”

She wanted to offer a shelter that is affordable and easy to make. Light turned to Pinterest and found some ideas.

“I have had over 23 people private message me to make some. I’ve also had people offer to donate products [and] donate their time to help make them,” Light told KLBK News.

Each shelter costs about $30 to make, depending on whether people want customizations– the difference between fleece and straw bedding.

She only charges for the materials. Light said she doesn’t mind driving around town to gather supplies or spending the time to put it all together.

“With the last few winters we’ve had, I felt like I needed to do something to help the stray cats because they do have to fend for themselves,” Light expressed.

Light said she hoped to partner with one of the private rescue groups in town to catch and release, spay and neuter the strays.

KLBK News reached out to Lubbock Animal Services for comment, and it wanted to remind the community that individuals can be charged with a misdemeanor if they trap strays during the winter months, even if their intentions are good.

“If an animal is in a trap, and it’s freezing to death, that is inhumane,” LAS explained.

However, Megan Schroll, the assistant director for LAS, said she thinks it’s great that people are stepping up to shelter feral cats this winter.

She added, if you’d like to offer safe spaces to strays during the winter months, you can also raise your garage door a foot or two, allowing animals to get out of the harsh weather as needed.

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