LUBBOCK, Texas — Cynthia Balbuena has been without her beloved Shih Tzu, Panda, for a week. Balbuena told how she continues to search to get her dog back home.

Balbuena and Panda had just moved into a new neighborhood. Panda got loose Friday morning while going outside to use the restroom, Balbuena said. She saw a post on Facebook reporting that Panda was found. Balbuena visited the house across the street that claimed to have found her dog, but they said they had already given Panda away to someone claiming to be his owner.

The neighbor directed Balbuena to the house nearby that picked up Panda. Balbuena said even the people that picked up Panda claimed to not have her dog.

Balbuena was still determined to find her dog and went back the next morning with a police officer in hopes it would bring Panda back. The homeowner allowed Balbuena and the officer to go in and see the house for themselves. To Balbuena’s surprise, there were several other Shih Tzus in the house, but not Panda.

Desperate for answers, Balbuena took to Facebook to post on any group she could to get her dog back. Several mutual friends of Balbuena and the woman that claimed her dog told her that the woman breeds Shih Tzus, Balbuena said.

Now Balbuena believes that her dog may have been stolen to breed with. Panda had not been fixed yet, but was set to get neutered at the vet in September.

Balbuena said “I just want my dog home and I want to know he’s okay.” Panda has never been away from home before and is used to sleeping with his owners every night, Balbuena said.

Panda is a male, 5-year-old, black and white Shih Tzu. Panda has a heart-shaped spot on his coat. He was last seen in the 3600 block of Ridgley street in the Milwaukee Ridge neighborhood.

If anyone has information on where Panda may be, contact Cynthia Balbuena at (806) 620-7985. Balbuena is offering a $500 reward for her dog, no questions asked, she said.

The Lubbock Police Department told there were no updates on the case as of Thursday evening.