Marley Meats supports employees struggling with addiction in Lubbock


LUBBOCK, TX– After an employee struggling with addiction relapsed, Dallas Marley, owner of Marley Meats, said the business needed to evolve its mission.

A week after the relapse, he called his team into a meeting.

“I don’t care what he’s done,” he told them. “I don’t care that it was a big mess for us. We can either respond to him, seeing this as an inconvenience and how we’re going to have to work more, or we can look at him and say, ‘Man, that’s my brother and I’m going to step up. I’m going to fill in the gaps and we’re going to fight for him,'”

In a Facebook post Sunday, Marley Meats described the situation.

“Over the last few months, it’s become more and more clear that my job as the owner is not to build a business or name, it’s to build strong people,” Marley said in the post.

He said when he hired his employees, some of them “just so happen to have addiction and mental health struggles.”

Marley told KLBK News that his employees are the people who have made business operations possible.

Melissa Wilbourn, manager of Marley Meats, said in addition to other personal struggles she had no self-confidence when Marley hired her.

“I have never driven a dually and Dallas trusted God and trusted me, and tossed me the keys and was like, ‘Let’s go,'” Wilbourn said.

Not only has the business grown, but Wilbourn said in the time she’s worked at Marley Meats, she has grown as well. She said she is now able to hook up a 36-foot trailer, pull it, drive a dually, put gas in the generator, and fix other things that go wrong.

“I love working for Marley Meats. We’re a great team. And I use ‘team’ loosely, but we’re all really, really close. It’s more like a family,” Wilbourn added.

Marley is guided by his faith. He said his loving, compassionate and graceful attitude toward employees who “slip up” or experience everyday, human struggles defies traditional business models of putting profit over people.

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