LUBBOCK, Texas — Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing had a prize of $1.28 billion. It’s the third largest jackpot ever, but West Texas might have the upper hand.

Texas Lottery said in 2022, five Texans have won secondary prizes so far. That’s a prize that isn’t the jackpot but does come in at more than a million dollars. Three out of those five were West Texans.

The luck doesn’t stop there. In August 2021, someone, who remains anonymous, won $3 million in Lubbock.

Mathematically, every ticket has an equal chance of winning and it only takes one ticket to do the trick.

But your odds are a little more challenging. For the July 29 drawing, you have a one in 302.5 million chance of getting all six number correct.

This jackpot started on April 19 at $20 million and just kept growing as the drawings came up fruitless.

If Friday’s drawing doesn’t come up with a winner, the next one is August 2, with an estimated prize of $1.7 billion. It would be the largest jackpot in U.S. history.