CANTON, Texas (KETK) — On Wednesday, a 30-acre fire spread rapidly in Van Zandt County and threatened houses in the area. But just in time in the scorching heat only, a guardian angel stepped in to save a family’s home.

“I was on my mule coming up here and that’s when I saw him and I thought… The volunteers are here. But, he was just a random guy…I mean the fire was 300 yards away and he knew this house was in the way,” said Michael Montus, a Canton resident.

Montus was at his house on Highway 64 as one fire grew. When the scorching flames came close, that’s when the man stepped in.

“The smoke was pretty thick and from down there I looked up on the hill over here and you couldn’t see the fire… you just see the smoke coming this way. So, I beat a path up here to my mom’s and my 86-year-old mother is dragging hoses behind her house,” said Montus.

Montus was able to get his family away from the fire and stepped in to help the man fight the blazing fire, he stayed with him as long as he could in the heat, and helped his family to safety.

“Even after I left and I was working on other stuff, he stayed up here and I still hadn’t talked to him yet. But, it was definitely one of the scariest days of my life,” said Montus.

The flames were just inches away from their back porch. Justin Howe battled the fire that surrounded their home with a hose. The Montus family says they are grateful for his act of kindness.

 “Mema, I believe… was roaring and ready to go with her water hose, but I got it from her and we stayed out here as long as we could and started spraying the grass. Then, it got to a point where it was too hot and too much smoke,” said Justin Howe.

Not only did Howe help get the Montus family to safety, but he was also concerned about the well-being of all of his neighbors.

“I’d like to thank him very much and buy him a beer, you know? It’s just what people do and to me, he was one of God’s angels,” said Montus.

The Montus family and Justin were overjoyed to meet again. He is no longer just a neighbor, but a lifelong friend.