WOLFFORTH, Texas – The mother of a Frenship Middle School sixth grader said on Monday that her daughter was accidentally drugged at school last week. The district responded in a statement on Tuesday that it is investigating the incident.

Kaisha Weatherly said a student shared some candy with her daughter at the beginning of the school day last Wednesday and her 12-year-old started feeling sick within an hour.

Weatherly said it took two trips to the nurse’s office before the school sent her home.

At that point, Weatherly claimed, she was “completely inebriated.”

“She can barely walk. She has no coordination. She’s falling down everywhere. Her eyes are bloodshot. She has circles under her eyes. She is pale. She is sweating and she is starting to freak out, and I’m like, ‘What is going on? What happened?’” she recalled.

She explained that when her husband picked up their daughter from school, EMTs were arriving.

“When he walked in, the nurse was telling [my daughter], ‘You have been poisoned. You’re going to need your stomach pumped. You’ve been drugged,’” Weatherly shared. 

The candy containing THC, she said, looked like Gummies.

“I was not prepared to tell my 12-year-old or educate her on gummies but thank God they were just gummies. She doesn’t know what they are. She didn’t know and she didn’t know what was happening to her,” Weatherly expressed.

While the incident was terrifying for the family, the mother said, “This was clearly an accident. I didn’t place any blame on anyone.”

However, she claimed the school is punishing her daughter.

Weatherly said she got a call from Frenship Middle School and was expecting an apology, like, “‘We’re so sorry your daughter got drugged at the school and it took us three, four hours to figure it out- and this is what we’re going to do-‘ but they didn’t. The first thing they said is we’re placing her in DAEP for 30 days.’”

DAEP stands for District Alternative Education Placement and it’s used for students who break certain school policies, as listed on page 19 of the district’s code of conduct.

Weatherly said her daughter has never gotten in trouble and makes straight A’s.

“[My daughter] was the only one that is receiving this kind of punishment. She’s the only one being removed from the school,” Weatherly explained. “I firmly believe that the only reason she is being discriminated against is because she’s the only one that actually overdosed at the school, and they’re trying to sweep it under the rug.”

The district said it cannot comment on several issues related to the matter, including disciplinary actions and how many students were involved.

Frenship I.S.D. provided the following statement to everythinglubbock.com on Tuesday afternoon:

“Frenship ISD is investigating an incident that occurred at Frenship Middle School last week where students distributed THC edibles to other students. These edibles, while having a distinct smell and contained in a clear plastic bag, appeared to look like candy. Based on student statements, several students were identified as ingesting the edibles and their parents were notified of the incident.

There are students facing disciplinary action related to this incident; However, school districts, including Frenship ISD, are prohibited by law from releasing details related to the specific disciplinary action of a student.

Frenship ISD takes these situations very serious, and this type of incident is very concerning for our students, parents, staff, and Frenship community. As outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, Frenship ISD does not tolerate and has strict rules against drugs at school. 

We encourage our parents to talk with their children about the dangers of accepting or sharing unknown food, drinks, or substances from other people.”