LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s been two years since Chad Luera, 30, was stabbed to death by Alexander Yoichi Duberek, 25. Duberek was sentenced to life in prison Thursday, and Luera’s sisters said it’s the closest thing to closure they’ll ever get.

“We’re never going to know what really happened, what the reasoning was. And so, it’s hard for us to ever have closure on that,” said Luera’s sister, Kristen Marquez. “We do feel some sense of relief that he’s going to spend the rest of his life thinking about what he did.”

Krystal Luera said she had met the suspect before, even picked him up when he would fly into town to visit Luera. However, she said the last time he came was sudden and without notice. 

“I was actually introduced to him by Chad. He actually spent time at my house with me, my children, so I did know him,” said Luera.

According to a press release from the United State Attorney’s office, Duberek was visiting Luera from San Diego, California in Lubbock, Texas. He told Luera’s family that he had planned to take Luera on a romantic date night, but instead he stabbed him 93 times, and left his body on the side of a rural farm road in Plainview on October 31, 2020. 

According to plea papers, Mr. Duberek admitted that on that Halloween night, he had traveled from his home in San Diego to his boyfriend’s home in Plainview, Texas, where he committed the fatal, premeditated stabbing.

Court documents said Duberek admitted that after arriving at the Lubbock airport that evening, he took a cab to a Sam’s Club parking lot, where he purchased a Toyota Camry for $3,000 cash. He then drove to a local Walmart, where he purchased a knife, a hatchet, a gas can, a collapsible shovel, a head lamp, a change of clothing, boots, personal hygiene items, and a first aid kit.

The sisters said they’re grateful for members of the community for their support, family and friends, as well as law enforcement and investigators for getting the justice Chad deserved. 
“I think what we, as the immediate family would just like to say… thank you to everybody [who] really dedicated themselves to this… helping us get to this point,” Marquez said.