New Central American caravan recruiting, set to head north June 30


SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Central American migrants are using social media to unite and plan a massive caravan with the goal of reaching the Mexican border city of Tijuana before attempting to cross into the U.S.

The effort is calling itself “Caravana de Imigrantes Hondureños 504.”

Organizers are asking for more people to join as a way to “become stronger.”

Digital fliers like this one are being used to recruit migrants to join caravan scheduled to leave Hondurans June 30.

“Keep in mind with a bigger caravan we can be 100 percent sure of reaching our objective,” said one migrant ready to walk all the way to Tijuana.

“If we create a large caravan, say 1,000 or 1,500 people, believe me, no one will be able to stop us.”

Fliers on social media claim migrants are “seeking refuge because they’ll be killed in Honduras.” The announcements say they will depart on June 30. The starting point is San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Organizers hope to recruit more people along the way in El Salvador and Guatemala. So far, 183 people have signed up. And they are promising to take precautions along the way to protect against COVID-19.

“We will remember to always take (hand sanitizer) gel and face coverings so we don’t have problems, we don’t want to give police another reason to stop us, we don’t want any problems,” according to a recording on a Facebook posting.

The Mexican Government has said the caravan won’t make it to Baja California, that it will be stopped in the state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala.

“We’ll offer employment in Chiapas, we’re offering construction work for the ‘Mayan Train‘ and other projects and we’ll help them go back home with dignity,” said Federal Representative Jesus Ruiz.

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