LUBBOCK, Texas — A western-themed bar called “Shotgun Sue’s Saloon” is expected to come to the Depot District in Lubbock in April, according to bar owner, Vince Vasquez.

Vasquez told the inspiration for the bar came from saloon- style bars in towns such as Ruidoso. He and his business partner, Tim Tremoni, came across the location in the 1700 block of Buddy Holly Avenue and knew it was the “perfect location” due to it’s “shotgun style bar.”

Vasquez also said the bar would have “intimate acoustic” music as well as very intimate seating with only 48 chairs.

Shotgun Sue’s is also expected to have a specialty bourbon shot called the “Devil’s Horn” that would be taken out of a bison’s horn, according to Vasquez.

Second bar owner, Tim Tremoni, has 30 years of bartending experience and can create drinks that would “mess with your pallet.”

Vasquez said the days and hours for Shotgun Sue’s would be Wednesday – Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

According to Vasquez, the bar was scheduled to open on the Saturday, April 1. However, due to some issues with inspection the date was later set for April 8.