LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock native, Katherine “Sauerkraut Kat” Abraham serves as a Hotdogger pilot for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Abraham drove the Wienermobile to Lubbock for a week while on a “coast to coast weenie roast,” she told

Abraham and the Wienermobile have been to 25 states in 10 months, she said. Her mission as a Hotdogger is to “spread smiles and the love of hot dogs.” 

The Lubbock native is excited to bring the Wienermobile to Lubbock, she said it’s “such an honor to give something back to the community that raised me.” The University of Texas grad said being a Hotdogger has been a “dreamy weenie” she considers herself a “lucky dog.”

Abraham encourages everyone to honk if you see the Wienermobile and “ask for a weenie whistle.” Abraham said the Wienermobile will be doing events all week, you can track them on the Oscar Mayer website.