LUBBOCK, Texas — Coors Light and Patrick Mahomes found a fun loophole in the rule that prohibits NFL players from endorsing beer.

In the commercial, the former Texas Tech Red Raider quarterback made his debut not technically promoting Coors Light, but rather ‘The Coors Light,’ a Coors-brand flashlight.

“The ad, which pokes fun at the NFL rules against players promoting alcohol and also shows Mahomes trying to pour liquid before batteries fall out instead, will not be televised or in print publications,” according to Forbes.

The flashlight Mahomes advertised in the commercial is real and was sold on the Coors Light website for $15. It sold out within hours of its release, according to ESPN.

According to Forbes, the four-figure supply of flashlights would be sold every day starting at 10:00 a.m., July 13-14.

All proceeds from the flashlights will go to the Mahomies Foundation, a charity with the goal to improve the lives of children in need.