People with Allergies Will Spend $16,000 in Their Life Dealing with Them


HOUSTON (CW39) Allergies aren’t just annoying.  They also hit you where it hurts . . . your wallet.  A new poll found that 49% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.  As for over the course of your life, you’ll spend more than $16,000 dealing with them.

The average person with allergies spends $266 a year on meds and other treatments.  That’s breaks down to about $22 a month or $16,146 over the course of your life if you live to the average age of 78.

36% of people say their allergies have been worse this year . . . 26% said better . . . and 39% said about the same.  The poll also found almost half of people have confused their allergy symptoms with COVID since the pandemic started.

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