HOUSTON (KIAH) — Just one insurance company, State Farm, says they received 22,250 theft claims in 2021 alone.

It’s why they’re putting out helpful tips this holiday season to protect home deliveries from so-called “porch pirates.”

Those thieves snatch vulnerable packages from doorsteps day or night, and with the popularity of online shopping, they have plenty of targets.

State Farm has the following recommendations: opt for the signature-required delivery option, use delivery boxes if they’re available in your neighborhood or buy one for your home, install security cameras that are visible from the street and lighting that illuminates your doorstep, use custom delivery instructions, have packages delivered to your work, and befriend neighbors who will monitor your delivered packages while you do the same for them.

Even with those precautions, porch pirates can still strike.

If they do, State Farm has more tips for you: verify the delivery happened, call police and provide them any evidence including video of the theft, and contact the retailer where you made your purchase, the delivery company, and your credit card company to see if their policies possibly include reimbursing you for the theft.

Doorbell camera video works

On Wednesday, constable deputies from Harris County Precinct 4 used home security camera video to arrest an alleged porch pirate.

They were called to the 4200 block of Forest Rain Lane in Humble for the theft of a package from a home’s doorstep.

After reviewing video from the home’s doorbell camera, deputy constables located a woman and a car they say matched the thief and her getaway vehicle.

They arrested 20-year-old Ayranna Jones and charged her with mail theft.