LUBBOCK, Texas – Over the weekend, Michael (Mikey) Collins was awoken to his entire home in a blaze. Mikey, who lives in a camper in Shallowater, was able to make it out of his home in time, but he subsequently lost everything he owned.

A friend of Mikey’s, Alisha Nunez set up a GoFundMe to help Mikey rebuild everything he lost in the fire. Nunez said that Mikey suffered second and third-degree burns on his foot and back. Mikey has a labor-oriented job and is not able to go back to work due to the severity of his burns.

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Mikey lost his cats in the fire, but his dog who was sleeping outside was able to make it out safely. Not only did Mikey lose all of his personal belongings, but he also lost his necessities such as his phone and glasses, which got melted in the fire.

In the meantime, Nunez said Mikey is staying nearby at her brother-in-law’s house. Mikey hopes to get a new camper soon with the money raised.

Nunez said Mikey is “everybody’s friend.” Mikey helps take care of her family’s kids and is “always doing things for everyone else.”

Nunez hopes to help Mikey in any way possible. If you would like to help Mikey replace his camper and belongings, you can donate through the link here.