LUBBOCK, Texas – Marco Castillo, 46, was arrested on Tuesday after police were called to a residence in the 6600 block of Belmont Avenue for a robbery in progress, said a report from the Lubbock Police Department.

The victim arrived at her residence to Castillo’s vehicle in the driveway and the back door cracked, the report said. The victim heard Castillo shuffling around the residence and going through drawers, the report said.

The victim went to her room and got her firearm from her dresser, the report said. According to the report, the victim said she walked down the hallway to where Castillo was and told him she had a firearm and to leave the residence. The report said Castillo asked her not to shoot him.

Castillo pulled out a firearm of his own and racked the slide of it back, the police report said. The victim attempted to fire her weapon at Castillo, but she did not have a round in the chamber. The victim then fled the room as Castillo fired his weapon at her.

The victim told Castillo she wanted him out of her house and away from her and fired her weapon at him, the report said. The report was not clear as to when Castillo left the residence.

The report said the home was “ransacked.” The drawers were gone through in every room and items were spread out as if they had been thrown around, according to the report.

The report said there was a shell casing in the garage and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the front windshield of Castillo’s vehicle.

Officers later found Castillo in the alley of the 6700 block of Brentwood Avenue. Police found controlled substances on Castillo as well as a substance that tested positive for marijuana and paraphernalia in his vehicle, the report said.

The report said no one was struck by a bullet during the incident.

As of Thursday, Castillo remained at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $87,000.