LUBBOCK, Texas — A South Lubbock resident said Tuesday that he wants to turn his passion for firearms into a part-time business from his home, near 100th Street and University Avenue, but the process has come with some pushback.

“I’ve always had a passion for firearms and using them safely. I find peace going to the gun range,” Oliver Stinson, the owner of Stinson Shooting Supply, said.

One of his neighbors, who declined to be named publicly, said he is against the idea.

“Go get your business [at a] location in town, but not in your home — not in a neighborhood,” the neighbor told KLBK News. “It could be very hazardous to our families around here.”

According to the ASAE Research Foundation, Black business owners often face challenges that their white counterparts don’t. Stinson said racism may be the root of his neighbor’s opposition, which could negatively affect his business opportunity.

He said that in a post on NextDoor, someone used a racial slur against him and told him nobody in his neighborhood wants him there.

The neighbor told KLBK News, “I’m not judging him by the color of his skin. That has nothing to do with this. My wife is Hispanic.”

Stinson said that part of being a responsible firearm business owner is teaching gun safety.

“Once I get this going, [I will] become an instructor and teach everybody the ability to have safe and legal gun ownership, so they’re able to use it for personal defense.”

Stinson, a father of three, said it’s important to him that even his sons know the fundamentals of gun-handling safety.

When someone purchases a gun online, they can’t get it shipped directly to their house. It must go through a local dealer with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Stinson is in the process of obtaining an FFL, but he needs a Commercial Zoning Permit through the City of Lubbock to have a business in a residential neighborhood.

After he made the request, the city sent a letter to neighboring residents letting them know that Stinson had requested a zoning permit for his business, Stinson Shooting Supply.

Neighboring residents have the option to vote on the idea, in addition to speaking at a hearing for the zoning permit, but the decision comes down to a panel of individuals who may or may not take their comments into consideration.

Stinson said he will not have a showroom of guns available for purchase, but rather assist in the process when someone makes a purchase through an online retailer and chooses to have it sent to him.

He explained that he will act as a middleman. When a gun is mailed to his house, he will set up an appointment, run a background check, ensure that the customer is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and either finalize the sale of the gun or deny it.

There are nearly 100 FFL dealers in Lubbock and Stinson said he believes he will be next to obtain the certification.

“It’s not like I’ll be the first person in Lubbock to come up with this idea or the only one to ever do this,” he explained.

If Stinson is approved for a Commercial Zoning Permit, his neighbor said, “My wife says we’re going to move. That’s how serious we feel about it.”

Stinson’s hearing will be held at 8:30 a.m. Thursday at Citizens Tower. A panel will decide whether or not to approve his zoning permit and anyone who wants to have a say on the matter can attend.