LUBBOCK, Texas – South Plains College was given two 4th generation Kookaburra aircraft from Swoop Aero, according to a press release on Tuesday.

Prior to arriving at South Plains College, the drones completed over 25,000 missions in Malawi.

South Plains College students enrolled in the fall 2023 Programmable Logic Controller class will be the first students to view the aircraft. The college offers courses where students will have the opportunity to learn to fly and repair drones.

In March 2021, Texas Tech University Health Science Center partnered with South Plains College to create a new standard certification program for small drones. South Plains College will partner with high school teachers to train students to work toward an Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies Basic Certificate of Proficiency and an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Swoop Aero has operated on six continents and is designed to deliver emergency medicine, vaccines, blood and tissue samples.