LUBBOCK, Texas — Eager teens are ready to get out on the road but before they can do so, whether they should be parent taught or take drivers ed courses is in question.

Drive Trainers Instructor, Cindy Newlin, has taught driver’s education for over 22 years and has seen the complaints from parents and their children after attempting to be parent taught.

“With all that experience, and the ability to talk to kiddos I can actually say some of the things in advance, and that they need to know how to control that car and what to look for, where parents will just say, stop, stop and won’t really give them a reason why or what should they’ve been looking for ahead of time.” Newlin said.

Families may choose the parental teaching route because of scheduling conflicts with spots, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Although if a child is parent taught they must abide by the state guidelines.

“If you’re doing the online course they’re all governed by the Texas Department of Licensing regulation. They all had to go through the same course review of what’s taught, even the parent taught packet that you download from the TDLR website.” Newlin said.

If a child is ready to take the next steps in learning how to drive by the state of Texas, they must be at least 14 years-old to take classes but cannot drive or get behind the wheel until the age of 15.

Newlin said getting your child comfortable on the road if parent taught is a big deal.

“Keep them in a parking lot till they’re really good at making you feel very comfortable without telling them what comes next. If you continue to tell them what comes next, they never will learn. You have to let them make those decisions, and you have to be okay with letting them fail.”