LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech University partnered with TerraVent Environmental to provide the public with affordable hydrogen energy solutions, said a press release on Wednesday.

Quingwang Yuan, an assistant professor in the department of petroleum engineering, is leading the efforts for Texas Tech.

Yuan and his team, The HOPE Group, will focus on hydrogen production from the Earth’s subsurface. The TerraVent and Texas Tech hydrogen production method could potentially be produced for as little as 86 cents.

“The cost of hydrogen production is an impediment to growth and adoption of Hydrogen as a clean fuel,” said TerraVent Chief Operating Officer Allan Adzima. “Through our collaboration with Texas Tech University, we will accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy technologies that reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, while lowering production costs to the Department of Energy’s targeted range, supporting a sustainable hydrogen economy.”