Texas Tech crowns its first ever Black homecoming king


LUBBOCK, Texas — Aside from Texas Tech University’s loss to Texas Christian University on Saturday, one student made homecoming unforgettable. At half-time, Donovan Satchell was crowned the first ever Black homecoming king in the school’s history.

Satchell said he was shocked when his name was announced.

“My jaw just dropped,” he said. “I didn’t expect for it to be me, and just knowing that I’m able to be the first Black homecoming king in Texas Tech history to represent my organization and do it well, [I felt] overwhelmed with emotions.”

Dorothea Jackson, Satchell’s mother, was in Dallas at the time TTU announced his victory. While her son had doubts, Jackson never doubted that her son would win the title.

“When I knew he was nominated, I’m thinking, ‘It’s really going to happen.’ There’s a chance this could really, really happen,” she said.

The Texas Tech community, friends and family from his hometown and even strangers rallied around Satchell, sending him supportive messages on social media and congratulating him in person.

Satchell is a global studies and general studies major with minors in Arabic, English, history and political Science. He said he has been applying for graduate schools in international affairs, with plans to join the U.S. Foreign Service as a Public Diplomacy Officer. He plans on eventually becoming the U.S. Secretary of State.

“I generally just say global studies,” he laughed.

When he is not in class, Satchell said he participates in various student organizations.

He talked about his experiences with volunteering at the animal shelter and the South Plains Food Bank, but his favorite way to give back is in his role as President of the College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors Program.

Satchell explained that he loves to recruit students by sharing his positive experiences and love for the Texas Tech community.

“I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to college, but I wouldn’t change it for anything at all,” Satchell said. “The opportunities that I have been able to experience here and the friendships that I’ve been able to build will last me a lifetime.”

He also said that faith is at the core of his character.

“Knowing that the light of God is shining through me so that others may see him through me is something that’s very important to me, showcasing integrity and striving for honor in everything that I do,” Satchell shared.

All qualities of Black excellence, Satchell’s mother said.

“We’ve often talked about doing things with the spirit of excellence. I mean, it’s okay to mess up. We’re human. We’re gonna make mistakes, but did we give it our all?” Jackson said. “I’m sure that you know, Black culture is proud of Donovan as well.”

Satchell credits his mother for helping him be the man he is today.

“I’m a first-generation student as well, and so I feel like I owe it to my mom and my entire family to do well in school,” he said. “I’m going to keep reaching new heights of achievement to ensure that I make them proud.”

And Satchell is doing just that.

He also gives thanks to the people of color who have come before him.

“I would have to say thank you, because I wouldn’t be sitting here, having the platform that I have without them, and without the things that they fought for,” he explained.

And for the Black brothers and sisters who come after him, he said he hopes his accomplishments move others in positive directions.

“I hope that me making history, that this symbol of the crown and the sash, have inspired them to achieve their dreams and to continue to fight for what they want,” Satchell said.

He also encouraged the Black community to “not to allow the words of others [or] the limitations that are placed upon them, to limit them from what they can do.”

“Because you’re capable of doing anything that you set your mind to, truly,” Satchell said.

Jackson described her son as someone with a merciful and empathetic heart.

“He can feel strong discernment. He can pick up things from people without them having to say anything,” she said. “It’s made him a really, good friend to many people.”

Satchell’s roommate, Thomas Chen, called Satchell one of the friendliest people he has ever met.

Jackson she raised her son to be friends with people of all kinds of ethnicities and cultures.

“Get to know everyone and their culture, and what makes them different, because it’s really what unites you,” she said.

Jackson also said Satchell has made her and the entire community very proud.

A message for Donovan from the “mama of the King.”

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