LUBBOCK, Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation launched a survey in September to collect data on college student’s travel habits in Lubbock. Texas Tech University said it will offer a a $20 Visa prepaid e-card after survey completion.

Texas Tech students will have the power to influence transportation planning in Lubbock by participating in the survey.

Any Texas Tech student who is living on their own can participate in the travel survey. The survey is set to take about 15 minutes to complete. To complete to survey, click here.

Once TxDOT receives 1,200 responses from students, it will begin recording travel for 24-hours on an assigned weekday.

TxDOT collaborated with the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning organization to create surveys for the public to complete and provide data about Lubbock travel patterns. TxDOT has created a household survey as well as business survey in addition to its student survey.

To access the household survey, click here. To view the business survey, click here. If you are interested in learning more information about the surveys, you can find it here.