LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock High School is set to graduate Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and three seniors are excited about the journey after high school.

Bilal Kharrat, Kyler Shu and Austin Chen were accepted into a total of 11 universities between the three of them.

“I applied to nine schools total, and I was eventually admitted to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and UPenn. As well as UT Austin and Texas Tech,” Kharrat said.

“The two schools I was accepted into were MIT, UT Austin,” Chen said.

“I got into Standford, Yale and Brown. As well as UT,” Shu said.

After much consideration, the students say they are happy to attend schools they believe are the right fit for them.

“Massachusetts Institute of Technology was always my first choice since I came to high school, so I was really lucky to have been accepted,” Chen said.

“By visiting and talking to current students and a lot of college research. I eventually narrowed it down between Harvard and Yale,” Kharrat said. “Then ultimately decided on Yale a couple of hours before the deadline.”

“To be honest, one of the reasons I choose Standford is because of the nice weather. Because on the East Coast, it’s like constantly snowing and you know Texas is always warm weather.,” Shu said. “Also, I think they have really god job opportunities in terms of technology since I want to study something like data science probably.”

They have not decided on majors and future goals but said the International Baccalaureate Program at Lubbock High was great preparation.

“Doing IB really pushed me there is a lot of writing and humanity centered stuff and it helped me grow a lot as a person and getting exposed to thing I would not normally do, and I think that really helped me grow and prepare for college,” Shu said.

Moving away from family and starting college can be challenging, but each student said they are ready.

“I’m super excited to meet a lot of new people and also reunite with old friends,” Chen said.

With the goal of keeping their friendship that started in high school intact through college.