Triumphing against all odds: Denver the Wichita dog lands a loving home in Denver, Colorado


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – What started as a grim discovery in the middle of a Wichita road ended in a tail-wagging pooch seated comfortably with a new loving family and driving home to Denver, Colorado.

Pat Morriss, the founder of Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection (LAPP) — a local no-kill shelter, said they received a phone call last week inquiring if the shelter could take in a badly injured dog that appeared to be barely clinging on to life.

The backstory: Last week, a Colorado couple, who were traveling back to Denver after visiting Wichita came across an animal on a local road — they stopped their vehicle to remove what they thought was a dead dog laying in the middle of the road. 

It turned out that the dog which appeared to be dead was tired and tick-covered, weak, and hungry — but alive. The couple then went door to door in the area to see if any of the local homes had a missing or lost dog. There were bruises and injuries on the dog, but no owner came forward to claim him.

After that, the Colorado couple contacted LAPP and left the dog in their care. LAPP took him in and the team named him Denver. Despite his obvious neglect, Denver was a sweet and loving dog with a friendly disposition. Once Denver was rehabilitated, the shelter put him up for adoption — that’s when the unbelievable happened!

The Colorado couple who first found Denver laying on the road and not only stayed the extra night to get him to the shelter but also paid toward his care, called LAPP this week. They shared that they were on their way back to Wichita to adopt Denver. They arrived in Wichita afterward and took Denver back to Colorado to make him a part of their very own family. 

“Wow, days like this are what rescue is all about,” said Pat Morriss, Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection’s founder. “In general, rescuing animals is a thankless and sad task — people dump animals for very little reason or animals are treated cruelly or abandoned and sometimes there’s not much we can do except give them comfort care.” Moriss said.

“When a couple like this comes along and not only rescues an animal but takes it in and makes it a part of their family — that one thing can make a rescuer overwhelmed with joy and remind us of the true reason we do what we do,” Moriss added.

For more information on Lifeline Animal Placement & Protection, click here.

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