Texas Tech’s Memorial Circle will now honor even more people after an announcement made on Friday. 

Memorial Circle was once a dedicated as a World War II Veteran’s, then used to honor students who lost their lives according to an article from Texas Tech Today.

According to the article, the student senate decided in 2001 that the grass was not to be walked on, out of respect for Red Raider veterans.

A fountain has since been added, as well as a 2005 campaign, “Paving the Way to Student Success” which allowed donors to buy a brick, put their name on it and have it added to the walkway going from the Administration building to Memorial Circle, according to Texas Tech Today.

Texas Tech University has announced that there will soon be a new addition called The Texas Tech Military and Veterans Tribute Walk.

Read the full press release here:

LUBBOCK, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) — (The following is a press release from Texas Tech Alumni Association)

The Texas Tech Military & Veterans Tribute Walk at Memorial Circle will honor the
Texas Tech military and veteran alumni and students who have served our nation.

Since its founding, Texas Tech has established a proud legacy of military service
from World War II to the present day. As the university approaches the milestone
2023 Centennial anniversary, Texas Tech has a unique and exciting opportunity to
honor and remember the generations of Texas Tech military service members and
veterans who have served to protect and defend our freedom.

With the full support of Texas Tech leadership, Texas Tech Alumni Association, and
the Texas Tech Military & Veterans Alumni Network (MVN), Texas Tech is proud to
announce plans to add a Texas Tech Military & Veterans Tribute Walk at Memorial
Circle that will honor our military service members and veterans.

The tribute walk will be located on the grassy area adjacent to the Pfluger fountain
east side exterior, between the two Medal of Honor monuments dedicated in 2018.
The area will be surrounded by a brick walkway dedicated to all service members
who attended Texas Tech. As the first Purple Heart University in Texas, the feature
will also include a walkway plaque honoring Texas Tech Purple Heart recipients or
those wounded or killed in action.

“During both war and peace, Red Raiders have served the nation with honor and
distinction,” MVN Board Member Colonel Lou Ortiz, USAF, (Ret.) said. “Many
have given their lives and it’s important for us to always remember who they were,
what they did, the values they lived by, and their service and sacrifice.”

Any Texas Tech alumni or affiliate who served in the military may be represented on
a purchased brick, paver, or bench in the designated area. Non-military and the public
may sponsor a Texas Tech military or veteran as well, but all represented in the
walkway will be Texas Tech military and veteran alumni or affiliates.

Memorial Circle has been an integral part of the Texas Tech campus as a place to
remember and honor our fallen service members, and students. In 1948, the Tech War
Veterans Association dedicated this area to “All Whose Service Has Brought Honor
to College and Country”. Located near the main campus entrance, Memorial Circle is
the most recognizable and appropriate location to honor the many Texas Tech
military and veterans who have served our nation.

“The construction of the Military and Veterans Tribute Walk is multi-purposed,”
Sierra Mello-Miles, director of Texas Tech Military & Veterans Programs said. “It is
a great way for the Texas Tech community to remember that during the 1940s, the
military pre-flight training here at Tech was essential in establishing the strong
military culture that still exists today. The Tribute Walk is a visual reminder that
Texas Tech honors the sacrifices of those who have and are still serving in the Armed

The new feature will integrate with the existing Medal of Honor monuments and
aesthetic appeal of Memorial Circle and present an attractive low profile that
augments the current space, retains the full view of Pfluger Fountain, and provides
additional points of interest for students and campus visitors.

This addition to Memorial Circle is a fitting tribute to the proud legacy of Texas Tech
military and veterans. If you would like to recognize a service member by purchasing
a brick, paver or bench, please visit www.texastechalumni.org/VeteransTributeWalk.

(This is a press release from Texas Tech Alumni Association)