LUBBOCK, Texas– Texas Tech University is extending the Test Optional Policy until Fall 2025. 

The Test Optional Policy allows students to submit an application without any ACT or SAT test scores.  

Jason Hale, executive director of admissions at Texas Tech, said students can choose whether or not they want to be evaluated both for admissions and scholarships with a test score or choose the test optional route.  

“In fact, we still find value in the ACT and SATs…the test scores have not gone away, we are still receiving those. And we’re still accepting those but, a lot of students are choosing to apply test optional, because they, they really sometimes don’t feel like the test score is a true indicator of their success or potential success here at Texas Tech,” Hale said. 

Since the university implemented the policy, they have only gathered a years’ worth of data but would like to gather at least four years’ worth to make a final decision. 

“We really want to make sure that we have at least four years of data to make informed decisions on the policy, if we should continue the policy permanently. Or if maybe we need to look at reevaluating the policy…” Hale said. 

Hale said admissions would like to track the retention rate of students and their performance alone with the persistence and ultimately the graduation rate of those test optional students.  

“We’re running about 3%, ahead of where we were last year with applications…Right now about 63% of our application pool for fall 2022 are test optional students,” Hale said. 

Admissions has seen a more diverse background. 

“We are seeing about a 10% increase in Hispanic applications, and about a 20% increase in black student applications,” Hale said.  

All who apply with test scores or not will automatically be evaluated for the merit scholarship program.  

If you’d like to learn more about the Test Optional Policy you can visit their website here.

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