LUBBOCK, Texas — The United Family began the process of installing anti-theft devices on shopping carts.

The company has installed cart containment systems in about 20 of its 98 stores, and more are scheduled to be installed before the end of the year, according to a statement by the United Family.

According to the National Retail Federation, its latest security survey of roughly 60 retailers found that inventory loss was at an average rate of 1.4% last year, representing $94.5 billion in losses. noticed the new system installed at a Lubbock store and reached out to the United Family for a statement.

The system is used to prevent shopping carts from leaving the store and to prevent product theft.

The cart containment system knows when a cart is leaving the store and payment has not been made on items, which will cause the wheels to lock — stopping the cart from leaving the store.

The system can also be configured to lock the wheels when the perimeter of the property is reached.