LUBBOCK, Texas – Two people were arrested for outstanding warrants at the scene of a shots fired call on Tuesday for outstanding warrants, according to Lubbock Police Department police reports.

One person was arrested for three Public Intoxication warrants and the other was arrested for four existing warrants including Reckless Driving, according to public records.

Police were called to a house near East Baylor Street on Tuesday in reference to a shots fired call, said the police reports. Police observed a blood trail start in front of the house and continued through the front yard. The police report said there was a large amount of blood in the living room of the house. The trail appeared to exit the house and traveled across the street. There were a large amount of shell casings in front of the house across the street that followed the blood trail, the report said.

Police spoke with an individual that was inside the residence the shooting occurred outside of. The police report stated that he heard several gunshots and then loud banging on his door. He opened the door to the victim screaming for help and saying that he had been shot, said the report. He said he called 911 while the victim was walking around his house leaving a blood trail. The report said the victim began to walk across the street towards E Baylor Street. The victim left in a black, four door passenger car after he flagged the car down.

The man told police that he was at the house with his friend who was sleeping in the back room during the shooting. The report stated a neighbor provided video footage and police observed several people outside of his house after the shooting occurred. When police confronted him, he said they never went outside of his house and he did not know anything about them, said the report.

Police said the victim had moderate injuries.

A stolen vehicle was located near the scene. The police report said it is believed to be involved in the shooting.

The shooting suspect was not found, according to the police report. Further updates on the shooting were not immediately available, according to LPD.