AUSTIN (KXAN) — Dozens of people spent their Saturday morning participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Texas State Cemetery.

The event was a part of a nationwide ceremony, where 3,200 wreaths were placed on the headstones of fallen service members.

“I think the most important focus is that this is really a promise to all the veterans who see us doing that and their family members that we will always be remembering them,” said Kristin Machamer, the co-location coordinator. “The most meaningful part is seeing veterans here and how it impacts them that so many people showed up to honor them and tell them that they’re going to be remembered too.”

The large wreath represents all branches in the service.

“I’m just overwhelmed by the number of volunteers that showed up, particularly because of the weather and the rain and the cold and wind and everything else,” said Missy Roberts. “We never anticipated this, it’s just been so heartwarming.”