WATCH: Teacher on paid leave after video shows her fighting 13-year-old student


LANSING, Mich. — A parent sent a video of a fight between a 7th grade student and a teacher at Dwight Rich School of the Arts in Lansing.

The cell phone video shows a struggle between a teacher and the daughter of the parent that sent in the video.

So far, the Lansing School District hasn’t said much about what led up to this incident, but 6 News did meet with the student and her mother to get their side of the story.

The fight happened at Dwight Rich School Wednesday afternoon. The student in the video is 13-year-old Olivia Snider and her mother is Bobbi Snider.

The beginning of the fight was not caught on tape, but Olivia says it started when the teacher put her hands on Olivia’s cousin, who also goes to the school.

“I asked why she did that and she said she can do whatever she wants and she was recording me and everything and she kept recording me and said it again, that she can do whatever the f she wants,” Olivia said.

That’s where the video picks up in the hallway.

“Olivia said that she knocked on the door and told her to let her in, the teacher opened up the door and had her fist balled up so Olivia swung on her, the teacher tripped her and started choking her,” Bobbi said.

At one point, the teacher’s hand was around Olivia’s throat. You can hear students calling for the teacher to stop.

Once it was over, Olivia met her mom outside who was waiting to pick her up, and told her what just happened.

“She had no right to put her hands on my daughter like that,” Bobbi said.

Bobbi says Olivia just returned Tuesday to school after being suspended. And that this isn’t the first incident between this teacher and Snider.

“I’m just over it, I’m over all the stuff from the Lansing School District,” Bobbi said.

The teacher is on paid administrative leave.

School officials would not talk about if the teacher was injured or how long she has been with the district. Officials only could say that they’re conducting a full investigation.

(Andrew BirkleKalie Marantette and WLNS contributed to this report.)

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