Women are seeking abortions in border cities


HOUSTON (KIAH)- The Texas Abortion ban has led women to flee all over the country to access abortions. However, some Texas women are crossing the border into Mexico to seek low-cost abortions. Border cities have always had Americans crossing in and out for low-cost dental, medical, and plastic surgery treatments now more women are making the trip to Mexico for a low-cost abortion.

For some women in the Rio Grande Valley on the US-Mexico border, the nearest out-of-state clinic in the United States is 600 miles away, in Shreveport, Louisiana — a 10-hour journey each way. One study examining Texas data found that a more than the 200-mile increase in driving distance to the nearest abortion clinic can cut the abortion rate by as much as 44%.

A statewide survey of Texas abortion clinics found that self-managed abortions were more common along the Texas-Mexico border, where 12% of Borderland patients had previously tried to end their own pregnancies compared to 7% of Texas patients and 2.6% nationwide.

The main concern with women crossing the border for abortion access is the safety aspect. If a woman does take an abortion pill at home alone, she isn’t able to call her physician if there are any complications.

Medical tourism has always been a booming business in border cities, activists worry even more clinics will start popping up to start serving the influx of women seeking abortions.

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